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I am originally from Casper, WY, USA. I now live in beautiful Denver, CO.

Only 2 years ago, I was insanely frustrated but driven to find a better way to live life. I grew up to a poor single mother, so I know what a real struggle is like. I have been on my own since I was 15 and I have done door-knocking sales for a solar company, cold call telemarketing, car sales, real estate sales, I’ve been with 3 different network marketing companies, worked at Amazon, Walmart, HomeAdvisor, went to war in the Navy, had an online drop shipping store, and I have even owned a private club that I had to let go of… On top of that, I lost my Dad at the beginning of this journey, which definitely was not expected and very sad and disheartening.

I knew there had to be a better way to make a living and I realized that making an income with an online business was the way to go. I spent 8 YEARS floundering around trying this system and that, buying just about every “online business course” you can think of, since the point where I had more bills to pay than money in my bank account. That’s when I made a drastic change. I felt my life depended on it, and that’s how I started approaching this business!

I started reading and learning how to run an affiliate marketing online business and listening to personal development books, and thanks to the massive action I took on what I was learning, I went from totally unhappy and unfulfilled to a life of satisfaction and freedom.

I have traveled to Dubai, Thailand, Jamaica, Spain, Hawaii, China, East Timor, Singapore, Mexico, China, San Diego, New York, South Beach Miami, Philippines, South Korea, and the Bahamas, and I owe it all to my online business, the people who taught me the skills I needed to succeed, and my strong willingness to change.
I know this business can create time freedom and financial freedom for anyone who wants it bad enough and puts in the work. That’s exactly what I want for you too!

You and your family are worth it! Let’s go!
Email: [email protected] Phone: +1 (720) 239-2307
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