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I am from Casper, WY, USA. I now live in beautiful Denver, CO, USA.

I grew up with a poor single mother, so I know what a real struggle is like. People gave us food! I have been on my own since I was 15 and I have worked at too many jobs to count and hated it! I went to war in the Navy. I had an online drop shipping store and I did 4 different MLM's! I even owned a private club that I eventually had to let go of. On top of that, I also lost my Dad, which was very hard for me and I honestly almost gave up! This unexpected event was very sad and disheartening. I was insanely frustrated but driven to find a better way to live life. Fortunately, I never gave up on my dreams and goals!

I knew there had to be a better way to make a living. I saw that earning with an online business was the best option. I tried this system and that, buying nearly every “online business course” you can think of. This was the point where I had more bills than money in my bank. That’s when I finally made a drastic change. I felt like my life depended on it, and that’s how I started approaching this business!

I started reading and learning how to run an online business. I also started listening to self-help books. I did training programs and went to seminars. Thanks to the massive action I took on what I was learning, I went from unhappiness to a satisfied and free life.

I owe all my success to my online business. Also to the people who taught me the skills I needed to succeed, and my strong willingness to change.

I know this business can give you time freedom and financial freedom. But, only if you are totally committed to making it happen! It is the perfect path for anyone who wants it badly enough. They must be laser-focused and willing to put in hard work. If you do that you will be successful at it. I am very blessed in life and that’s exactly what I want for you too!

It is time to start your life changing challenge. I hope it changes your perspective on life and that you learn that you can actually change where you are at now. You and your family are worth it! Definitely let me know how your life changes for the best. Let’s go! 
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